Trusted and Tried

I am a lead developer trusted to build digital collateral and deliver value for multibillion dollar and multinational companies. Where will you put your trust?

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Experienced and Talented

Experienced across a range of technologies and languages, I am the creator who can successfully hold the tension between high level business value to low-level technical decisions and communicate all across that spectrum to deliver value.

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How I Work.

Because time is money, an experienced developer cares about your time and how it pays you back.

For this reason, I choose the approach that approaches challenges holistically upfront. I aim to real solve problems by talking, planning, and consulting before a single line of code is written. That way less time is wasted on iterations, mistakes, miscommunication and more time is spent getting value back to you.

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01. Research

I work to understand the problem and goal carefully. Research allows me to make your end goal my end goal.

02. Requirements

I actively work to bring exactitude to a project so that there will be no disappointments.

03. Architecture Strategy

I choose technologies, tools, and protocols I think will best serve the client in the long term.

04. Post Launch Strategy

Who is going to maintain this? How will this be updated? Thinking the end from the beginning is a frame of thinking that seeks to serve clients

05. Production

With my skill, knowledge, and experience, I produce the digital product with excellence and care.

06. Delivery

The product is delivered to client and value is being returned back instantly.


With years of professional experience and an unsatiable curiosity, the technology repertoire allows us to deliver the best possible product across a wide range of business needs.


HTML, CSS, Javascript (ES6), Node, PHP, Java, SASS, LESS, Liquid, Freemarker, JSP, JSX

Front End Frameworks

Angular 1.x, Angular 5, React, Ember, Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, PureCSS, Atomic CSS, Browserify, Meteor, jQuery, Metal

Backend Frameworks

Express, Firebase Mysql, MongoDB


Cryptography, Oauth, eCommerce


Wordpress, Liferay, Ektron, Shopify, WooCommerce


Gulp, Webpack, Grunt, Ant, Bower