Critical Communication

Creating custom applications for internal use can be hard to maintain when the users operating it require instructions. Liferay’s internal teams found the current documentation tools in the wild to be insufficient.

Coupled with intimate knowledge of how internal business units worked and communicated, I built this documentation generator that would turn markdown into a live single page application documentation site.

Leveraging the power of Gulp and Angular, on every edit, the site is updated and categorized with the tools our team knows.


Main roles


Project timeline


Launch project

The challenge.

The challenge was creating something was both accessible and familiar with our developers that resulted in a product that marketers felt comfortable and confident using

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01. Ideation

Seeing a business need of having technical competence

02. System Design

Picking the best architecture for the job that would solve the app’s use cases

03. Development

Writing and iterating the bullet-proof code necessary to run the application

04. Maintenance

Handles pull requests, issues, feature requests

The result.

Business units have competence on internal tools built by our team and disciplines our teams to think about documentation.

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