A brave new world

Finding itself at a crossroads, Liferay was going through an existential crisis having evolved from a successful startup to now a multinational enterprise grossing over 100m in sales a year. It was now desperate to find its focus in its identity of being a leader in the digital transformation platform

This project conglomerated several initiatives which was to 1) introduce the new Liferay 7.1 product 2) Introduce Liferay commerce and 3) Rebrand itself as a relevant player in the field by providing clarity as a 3 product company–Liferay Portal, Liferay Commerce, and Analytics Cloud.


Main roles


Project timeline


Launch project

The challenge.

The challenge with rebuilding websites is navigating existing architecture and new architecture. Existing architecture served its purpose but remains critical as the transitional foundation for new entities.

The new architecture foreshadows direction and possibilities. The challenge with rebuildling Liferay.com was figuring out a way to create new cutting edge UI, integrating a design system and language into programmable pieces, and delivering the results quickly for its Liferay’s new birth.

The solution.

With Liferay’s rebirth came a maturation of its UX teams to deliver UI components down into a predictable science so that developers could predictably turn UI components into living components.

Leveraging a UI dictionary built on Figma, as well as building a brand new proprietary build tool, I led the charge in defining specifications for the building blocks for Liferay’s new visual identity. I crafted each page using concentric building blocks of atoms, molecules, organisms that matched design specs in a way that both delivered business value while creating an architecture that would support our visual evolution for years to come.

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01. Maturation of UX

The UX team grew into thinking more critically about how components are organized and deployed

02. Component Build Tool

Liferay's propietary build tool allows added power to an aging technology Freemarker.

03. Atomic Components Builds

Merging a development and design language, we launched components using the same dictionary as the UX team

04. Timely Delivery

The rebrand launched successfully with all global business units cheering its returns for generating leads

The result.

Liferay finds new footing in a world rife with competition. It peeks its head out with confidence knowing its presentation now matches its worth.

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